In short, you have to replicate the steps done in Staging on your production environment, except verifying the integration. Also, you have to use the Production ID in the ss2_config file instead of SandBox ID.

For detailed procedure follow the steps below :

  1. Configure the ss2_config file and set _ss2_domain parameter with the ShieldSquare endpoint nearest to your production server (as performed in Staging).

  2. Integrating the API call to the code

  3. Integrating the JS call to the code

Once you have completed the steps, please do send an email to confirming the changes & that you have moved to production. ShieldSquare support team will verify the correctness of data received by the ShieldSquare servers. Then the support team will release your access to  dashboard.

Note: ShieldSquare engine captures real time data from your web application only if Production ID is used.