To test block page working on your site from your end, follow the steps below.

  1. Open 

  2. Install to the browser (Chrome / firefox / Opera)

  3. Click on the useragentswithcher icon ( usually icon is present at top right corner of the browser)

  4. Click on “options”

  5. Add new-group. (e.g ‘block_test’)

  6. Click on New user-Agent 

  7. Give some name (e.g ‘curl_name’) for ‘name’ field and  enter ‘curl’ in user-agent field

  8. Save the user-agent

  9. Click on “useragentswitch” icon and select “curl_name” useragent

  10. Try to open your website

  11. A block page shows ‘block’ is working properly

  12. To go back to default state, Click on “useragentswitch” icon and select “default”

  13. You would be able to open your website now

  14. You can remove newly added user-agents from ‘useragent switcher options’ page

If ‘block’ functionality is not working as expected, please reach out to