Yes. You can integrate ShieldSquare connector at your web/application server which has multiple domains/sub domains/APIs and have different visualization or bot management for them. You can also integrate different/specific sections of your website which you want to protect from bad bots and manage them differently. 

While updating integration configuration form, give the specific URL based on you want to classify the traffic from your web/app server. You can multiple such site classifications as per your requirement. Steps involved below. 

1. Inform ShieldSquare support team about your new site/domain/API to be integrated. 

2. Go to 'Environment Settings' page in ShieldSquare admin portal, open the existing  environment and Select the child site to be integrated in the drop down. 

3. Update the 'Site Classifier' field based on your requirement, 'Save' and 'Publish' the integration configuration form. 

For example, 

- if you have already integrated with and you want to add '' , you can add the URL in the 'Site Classifier' field, 'Save' and 'Publish' the form. 

- if you want to add an API URL, you can use this classifier. 

- if you want to add specific section/category of your URL, you can use this classifier. 

Note : Currently, this feature is supported in ShieldSquare Nginx, Apache web server plugins and Java SDK connector. The connector supports up to 10 sites / site classifiers. 

Write to for any clarifications.