Based on the severity of their impact, detection complexity, and human-like behavior, the ShieldSquare dashboard now classifies bad bots into four generations :  


1st Generation BotsThese are simple bad bots which attack using basic scripting tools from a limited number of IP addresses. These include: 

  • Misbehaving legitimate bots 
  • Bot attacking from public cloud infrastructure 
  • Scripted bots 
  • Known bad bot signatures 


2nd Generation BotsThese bots operate through website development and testing tools  using headless mode. They can maintain cookies and execute JavaScript, and include the following types of bots and behavior: 

  • Reputational intelligence
  • Programmatic session behavior 


3rd Generation BotsBots that use hijackedfull-fledged browsers and can simulate basic human-like interactions, such as keystrokes and mouse movements, including: 

  • Advanced JavaScript validation failure
  • Malicious browser behavior 


4th Generation Bots: These are large-scale, distributedhighly sophisticated and have advanced human-like interaction characteristics, such as:  

  • Low and slow attacks
  • Malicious intent detected
  • Emulator tools

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