Radware Bot Manager provides numerous options to setup CAPTCHA / Block services for your application. This allows users to have greater flexibility in throwing an action to bad actors.

There are 3 ways of configuring CAPTCHA / Block:

  1. Default Bot Manager CAPTCHA / Block pages
  2. Custom CAPTCHA / Block pages
  3. Self-hosted CAPTCHA / Block pages

Default Bot Manager CAPTCHA / Block pages

Bot Manager has default CAPTCHA / Block template that is enabled for your application when you set a Block / CAPTCHA action.

Default template screenshots for Block and CAPTCHA are provided below:

Custom CAPTCHA / Block Pages

You can customize your CAPTCHA / Block Pages as per requirement from Brand Customization in the Radware Bot Manager Portal. The Portal provides you with an HTML editor where you can input and save the HTML scripts for your customized page. You can also choose to preview the page after saving it.

How to configure?

  1. Go to Brand Customization page on the Bot Manager Portal. You will be shown the following page by default.
  2. An easy to use template creator for making edits to your CAPTCHA or Block page will be available to you in this page.
    • You can choose to make edits to your page using the template creator. The functions available for making these changes will be available with the template creator.
    • You can also choose to open the HTML editor and make changes in it for your CAPTCHA / Block pages.
    • Guidelines to assist you with the Brand Customization of your page is provided in the on the portal
  3. Once the template is ready you can save it and it will be shown to bad actors detected on your applications.

Self-Hosted CAPTCHA / Block Page

You can choose to host customized CAPTCHA / Block page for your application without involving Radware Bot Manager hosting. In this case, the Bot Manager only performs the task of identifying the request as a bot or not. A response code will be provided to you on the basis of which you can show the self hosted CAPTCHA / Block page to the bad actor. Following are the steps to enable self hosting:

  1. Navigate to the Brand Customization page
  2. You will find a checkbox "Radware Bot Manager Hosting" which needs to be unchecked. By default is enabled for all customers.
  3. Enter the redirect URL for your self hosted CAPTCHA / Block page.
  4. Save the configurations.