Radware Bot Manager provides a variety of management options from the dashboard. URL Management is one such feature using which you can set actions against bots on a specific URL in your application. Human traffic on the URL will not be affected if they visit this URL.

How to configure:

  1. Go to the Bot Management page on the Bot Manger portal.
  2. Select the URL Management Tab. The URLs against which you have taken action is listed on the page.
  3. To add a new URL to this list, click on the Add New button. In the pop-up that opens enter the exact URL and add the action to be taken against it. Please note that, action will be taken against only the exact string that you have added under the URL textbox.
  4. Submit the entry.
  5. It should now be available in the URL Management list.
  6. You can choose to edit the action on this URL or delete the entry altogether.

Regex entries and wildcards are not supported by URL Management.

Please write to the Radware Bot Manager Support Team in case of any clarifications