The IP whitelisting option is available for customers post configuration of an environment on the Bot Manager. It can be carried out from the Bot Manager portal.

How to configure?

  1. Navigate to the Whitelist IP page
  2. Click on Add IP button.
  3. Select the IP Type. Bot Manager supports IPv4, IPv6 and IPv4 Network (i.e., IPv4 range)
  4. Populate the IP Address and Reason. Reason is used just as a future reference as to why the IP Address was added
  5. You can choose to set an expiry data for the added IPs too.
  6. Click on Whitelist
  7. You can choose to edit / delete the IPs at any stage.

Bulk upload for IPs is also available from the page. For this, a .csv needs to be uploaded that is available for download once the Bulk Upload button is clicked. The IP type needs to be defined for each entry on the csv file. Following are the IP types:
2IPv4 Range

For any clarifications please reach out to the Radware Bot Manager Support Team.