To enjoy the benefits of ShieldSquare’s bot mitigation solution, you have to integrate our service with your website. You can use our easy-to-integrate SDKs, Web Server Plugins, Third party integrations or ShieldSquare Appliance. 

SDKs are integrated at the application level. ShieldSquare’s SDKs are available for multiple platforms - Java, PHP, .NET, Node.JS, Django, ColdFusion, Ruby on Rails, Android, iOS and GoLang. 

ShieldSquare provides easy to integrate Web server plugins for Apache and Nginx. These plugins require NO code changes at the Web application level. This helps customers integrate ShieldSquare bot prevention solution. 

If your website is using WordPress or Drupal platform, ShieldSquare can be integrated at the plugin level, using the WordPress or Drupal plugin. 

If your website is using Varnish, Amazon CloudFront CDN for content & image delivery optimization, a handy integration is available at CDN level. 

For website architectures that prohibit the use of public cloud infrastructure, ShieldSquare appliance can be deployed on a virtual machine (VM), so that it is co-located within your IT infrastructure. 

For more details regarding ShieldSquare connectors, click here.

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