User ID/ Username  is a unique sequence of characters for identifying users. Also, this User ID can be used to access your website, online database, mailbox, etc.. Most websites allow the access of crucial content such as price & review of a product, blogs, whitepapers etc. only after the user has logged in with their User ID. These crucial content items will not be accessible by public (those who don’t have a User ID).

This information of User ID can be given in the 'Username' in the integration configuration form. This will help our Data Science team to check if any bot requests are being made by any of the registered users (this will be an offline analysis). If User ID is not used in your website, or if you don’t want to pass this information to ShieldSquare you can leave the Username field blank.

Note: ShieldSquare recommends to send the Username data in a hashed format to ensure you do not share PII (Personally Identifiable Information) of your users with us. We will be able to identify the good users and bad users based on unique hashed values.