Active mode can be tested in the staging environment. To migrate to Active mode follow the below mentioned steps.

  1. Login to ShieldSquare portal
  2. Under Configuration -> Bot Response List -> Toggle the switch to Active and select the appropriate actions to be taken on bots
  3. Create a new environment from 'Environment Settings' page for a staging server
  4. While creating, set the below fields in the Integration Configuration form with the given values 
    1. Environment Type as 'Production'
    2. Mode as 'Active' in the Integration Configuration form to 'Active'
  5. Publish the changes and ensure you have the updated ShieldSquare configuration file in your staging environment (ss2.config)
  6. Implement the response selected in the Bot Response Page (CAPTCHA/Block/Feed Fake Data)

To test your implementation, spoof your browser User Agent as Curl or Wget or Google Docs and observe the response. Alternatively, send your IP address to and your IP will be blacklisted in the back end for a maximum period of 1hr.