ShieldSquare’s Feed-Based Protection can be consumed if you are using WAF, or if the complete webpage content is cached at CDN level or if have a cache servers implemented within the network. Using ShieldSquare’s Feed-Based Protection you can block the bots at the Web Application level or firewall level. The IP Feed functions in the asynchronous mode which passively collects the data and generates the Feed. The feed can be consumed by using a cron job and the IPs can be blocked.

Click here for the details of Feed-Based Protection.


  • Reach out to to enable Feed-Based Protection for your subscriber ID.
  • If there is any cap in blocking certain number of IPs at a particular instance in your CDN / WAF blacklisting feature, ShieldSquare Bot Engine can generate IP Subnet / network in the Feed in CIDR format (Eg : xx.xx.xx.0/16) so that the limitation can be addressed.