We have a “Multi-Site Dashboard” by which you can manage analytics of multiple sites(domains) under a single login.

Pre-requisite: You need to use a unique email id to sign-up to each domain you want to protect. By doing that, you will get a separate SID to be used for integration and separate bot analytic statistics. Once this is done, all these individual sign-ups can be associated to a common login account. Please contact Product Specialist team at support@shieldSquare.com for Multi-Site Dashboard and they will do the needful of associating all these SIDs to a common login account and Multi-Site Dashboard will be enabled to you.

Once you login, Multi-Site Dashboard will be displayed as below.

first_page copy.jpg


You will be able to click on the "Select" drop down, corresponding to the needed website to see the stats for the concerned website (refer Screenshot below).  

second_page copy.jpg

Once you have logged into the concerned dashboard of the website, you will not only be able to see the Traffic Analysis tab, you will also have access to Bad Bot Analysis, Legitimate-bot analysis, Search Engine Bot Analysis etc.  Now, if you wish to switch to a different website, you can go back to the “My Websites” home page and select the needed page (refer Screenshot below).

Analysis_page copy.jpg

If you are interested to try the “Multi-Site Dashboard”, please contact Product Specialist team at support@shieldSquare.com, and you will get the needed help.

Also, if you just want a single dashboard where you want to see stats for all the sites together, this can be achieved. In this case you can use the same subscriber ID  for multiple domains (integrating all sites traffic to the same SID). ShieldSquare portal will consolidate the traffic data for all domains and will get populated together.