If you find any of your internal IPs or IPs of any 3rd party services that you use are listed in the Bad Bot list in ShieldSquare portal, we recommend you to whitelist the same. You can Whitelist both IPv4 and IPv6 types. 

  1. Login  to ShieldSquare portal
  2. Under Configuration->Whitelist IP option and click on "+" button at the right top corner
  3. If you have multiple domains under your account, select the domain(s) to which the IP(s) to be whitelisted from the 'Domains' drop down. By default, all domains will be selected. You can uncheck if you don't want the IP(s) to be whitelisted for certain domains. 

  4. Select the type of IP you want to whitelist in the radio options > 

    • IPv4  - any valid IPv4 address 
    • IPv6 - any valid IPv6 address 
    • IPv4 Network - any valid range of IPv4 (supported net mask upto '16')
  5. The IP(s) would be added to the Whitelisted IPs list and requests from this IP(s) won't be considered for Bot detection process. 
  6. You can set expiry date for the whielisting if required (This is an optional setting). Expiry date can be within 3 months from the date of whitelisting. By default, there is no expiry set for the IP(s) being whitelisted.Note: If you have only one domain/site, your domain will be selected by default and this selection drop down can be ignored. 
  7.  If you want to whitelist a subnet / network (IPv4 Subnet), you can specify the network address and select the required net mask bit from the drop down. Once you whitelist the network IP with a net mask, all the IPs in the range will be Whitelisted. 
  8.  You can also add/modify the 'Reason' or expiry date for the already Whitelisted IPs. Click on edit icon in the particular IP to which you want to add/modify the reason/comments. This will open a pop up where you can type the reason/comments in the 'Reason' field and Click on 'Save'. Now, the added reason/expiry date will appear for the respective IP in the Whitelisted IPs list. 



In the Whitelist IP listing page, 'Domain' column won't be available if you haven't integrated with multiple domains.