No. ShieldSquare JavaScript tag captures data in two categories broadly:

  • Browser Environment related information (Example : Browser Type, Browser Version, User Agent, Event timestamp etc.)
  • Events of end users (Example : Mouse Click, Scroll, Key Press etc.)

Above collected data is being used by our cloud Bot Engine to identify sophisticated human like Gen 3 and Gen 4 bots.

ShieldSquare Javascript Integration process has two components: 

  1. ShieldSquare JavaScript tag (The snippet that you have integrated at the head section of your web page)
  2. ShieldSquare JavaScript Connector (The JavaScript file hosted on an Edge Server for data collection)

Reasons why there is no impact :

  1. JavaScript Integration snippet dynamically adds a script tag to DOM of the page which fetches the ShieldSquare JS Connector code hosted on Edge Servers.
  2. JavaScript Connector is loaded asynchronously hence rendering the page is absolutely not affected
  3. ShieldSquare JavaScript execution time is very minimal (within 10-30 ms)
  4. Collected data is posted to the ShieldSquare endpoint asynchronously for analysis
  5. Passive event listeners are added by ShieldSquare JavaScript connector so that the user experience of the application is not impacted
  6. JavaScript Connector is hosted on the Edge Servers to ensure high availability and low latency
  7. The JavaScript Connector is obfuscated and GZIP compression is enabled for low latency
  8. Browser caching for JavaScript connector is enabled