To pay the payment online from the portal, follow the below instructions.

1. Login to Admin Portal.

2. Select the drop-down at top right corner.

3. You will be able to see "Billing" as shown in the below image (Those who are having Admin access to the portal can see).

Note: If you want to pay using credit/debit card and not able to see “Billing”, Please contact

4. Click on Billing and you will be shown your plan details as below. As an example, Enterprise 200 plan s shown here. But your plan will be shown as per the plan applicable to you.

5. Click on “Proceed to Payment”. You will be forwarded to Avangate payment gateway.

6. Enter the required fields and Click on "Continue".

Note:  For European customers, VAT amount will be added to the actual price and you have to pay amount more than the ShieldSquare price. It is suggested to provide company's VAT ID to avoid additional amount (VAT). When you select "Check only if you are a company", VAT ID details are asked and additional amount (VAT) will not be charged.

7. Check Billing Summary.

8. Enter card details and place order.


9. After placing order, you will be redirected to ShieldSquare portal with message "We are processing your payment". Please wait for 3 minutes. When the transaction is successful, you will see the billing details. Example is shown below.

10. If ShieldSquare did not get confirmation from Avangate, it will show below message. Please contact for the status of the payment.
"We have not received notification from Avangate within the time. Please contact and we will let you know the status of the payment"