ShieldSquare analyses your traffic and classifies each request into bad-bot, legitimate-bot, search engine bot or genuine traffic. ShieldSquare allows genuine traffic and search engine bots (like google, bing etc.) by default. ShieldSquare lets you take required action against badbot and legitimate-bots.

For bad-bot traffic, You can set block response as this traffic is performing malicious activities on your website by scraping, spamming, carding etc. When response is set as block, the page load does not happen and in turn it does not show Ads.

For Legitimate-bot traffic, you can set ‘Custom Response’. Legitimate-bots do not have any malicious intention. These are bots that check the system health of the website, run by social network sites and which collate information from other sites for their own usage etc. These legitimate-bots may bring traffic to your site. However, this legitimate-bot traffic may skew your analytics. If you are concerned about showing Ads to only genuine users, you can set the response code ‘Custom Response’ to all Legitimate bots uniformly and when you get response code "4", you can avoid showing the GA tag and Ads. This setting would improve your analytics where Ad popups would be shown only for genuine user traffic and resolve Issues with your Ad network who are against bot traffic hitting your site.

In this way, you can clean up bot traffic from both bad-bots, legitimate-bots and does not allow ads to be shown for non-human traffic thereby reducing issues with your Advertiser.