An Adobe Analytics Segment provide you with an insight into the user accessing your application.

"Segments identify who your visitors are (country, gender, coffee shop), what devices and services they use (browser, search engine, mobile device), where they navigated from (search engine, previous exit page, natural search), plus a lot more."

                                                                                                - From the Adobe Analytics documentation

Workings of the Radware Bot Manager Adobe Analysis Plugin

  • To know if you are receiving Human / Bot Bot traffic for your application, you first need to integrate the Bot Manager Adobe Analytics JS tag to each web page of the application(s).
  • Once this is done, the Core Bot Manager Engine (the component responsible for evaluating if the request is from a bot / human) starts receiving data from the JS executed on each web page load. Information received by the Core Bot Manager Engine using the HTTP request includes, browser environment details of the client device accessing your application.
  • Bot Manager responds back with an HTTP response and sets a cookie (__ssuzjsr2) to the end user's browser. The cookie value is what defines if the request is from a human or a bot. The value of the cookie set by Bot Manager follows this convention: 
    <string><value that defines if the request is from a bot or human><string>
  • The values defined within the cookie are either of the following:
    ValueDefinition of the Value
    0Request is from a Human

    Example of a cookie set by Bot Manager: a9pp0hsdf4
    Request is from a Bot

    Example of a cookie set by Bot Manager: q9mn11eqt4
    <no_value>Request is from a Suspicious source which cannot be identified as a human or bot

    Example of a cookie set by Bot Manager: ab2eprt5n
  • Adobe Analytics dashboard receives tags, ss-human, ss-bot or ss-suspicious based on the cookies it reads.
  • Using these, you can create a new segment for Humans, Bots and Suspicious entities. To know more about how to create a segment, write to the Bot Manager Support team.

As cookies are editable, any tampering done to the cookie values can reflect wrongly on the Adobe Analytics dashboard statistics.